Evan Martin (evan) wrote,
Evan Martin

the end of livejournal

I'm done with LiveJournal. I had thought I should hold out for my 11-year LiveJournal anniversary, but why pretend that I still use this site?

I saved a personal, private backup of everything I've posted -- 3,794 posts, not including this one -- and then deleted it all except the first post.

First, the why: the internet never forgets, but that's not how people work. "I like to remember things my own way. How I remembered them, not necessarily the way they happened." The person who posted entries here ten years ago is a different person than me, and I see no reason for that older person to stay around*.

LiveJournal was awesome and I will be sincerely grateful for the rest of my life for what it gave me, the experiences and friends and the capability to introspect. I would do it all over again if I could -- hopefully hurting fewer people along the way this time. But that LiveJournal is now gone, has been gone for a while, buried beneath vgifts and ads and broken clicktracking JavaScript, left behind by all of us just plain growing up, and it's time for me to let it go.

I will keep this account to keep up with the people who are still around on here. I wish you well and hope that we keep in touch; come to San Francisco sometime, join me for dinner, crash on my couch, but don't expect another post from me. I hope to put up future new stuff on my website, so either check back there or subscribe to the feed.

* I won't pretend the content I've posted isn't available through other places, but I can at least make it inconvenient/harder to find.

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