Evan Martin (evan) wrote,
Evan Martin

the end of livejournal

I'm done with LiveJournal. I had thought I should hold out for my 11-year LiveJournal anniversary, but why pretend that I still use this site?

I saved a personal, private backup of everything I've posted -- 3,794 posts, not including this one -- and then deleted it all except the first post.

First, the why: the internet never forgets, but that's not how people work. "I like to remember things my own way. How I remembered them, not necessarily the way they happened." The person who posted entries here ten years ago is a different person than me, and I see no reason for that older person to stay around*.

LiveJournal was awesome and I will be sincerely grateful for the rest of my life for what it gave me, the experiences and friends and the capability to introspect. I would do it all over again if I could -- hopefully hurting fewer people along the way this time. But that LiveJournal is now gone, has been gone for a while, buried beneath vgifts and ads and broken clicktracking JavaScript, left behind by all of us just plain growing up, and it's time for me to let it go.

I will keep this account to keep up with the people who are still around on here. I wish you well and hope that we keep in touch; come to San Francisco sometime, join me for dinner, crash on my couch, but don't expect another post from me. I hope to put up future new stuff on my website, so either check back there or subscribe to the feed.

* I won't pretend the content I've posted isn't available through other places, but I can at least make it inconvenient/harder to find.
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Your blog is (was) one of the most interesting blogs I've read on livelournal.
Thank you! I hope to continue publishing things on the internet, just not with this site. I put a feed up on neugierig.org that I hope to feed other stuff into.
I just use mine to read the people I care about who still use it.

I'm coming to the bay area in march, I would love to meet up with you if possible.

I'm glad we became friends via live journal yo.
You both are awesome.

Sorry to see you go.

Can you provide a feed already for wherever you will be posting next? Or post a notice about it here when you’ve set it up? If I can’t have it pop up in my news reader somehow, I at least am likely to miss it. And I wouldn’t like to.

Sure, I stuck up a feed on neugierig.org. Hope it works!

Excellent – thank you for taking the time.

Likewise, come to Vancouver some day. We have a place, and you'll be welcome. I'll try to find you sometime when, or if, I'm in your neck of the woods.
Another Vancouver vote.

I never did get to meet you in person. Just Brad, Alan & Hachi, all from work on MogileFS.

Consider it yet another open invite if you're ever in Vancouver :-)
When I set up persistent.info in 2004 I imported a few programming "journals" that I'd kept starting in 1998. I recently re-read a large chunk of them, and though in some ways embarrassing, it was also a nice trip down memory lane. On the other hand, since the content was purely technical, I'm more confortable with it still being publicly available, IIRC your early LJ content was much more personal.
it's a shame there really is no replacement for LJ; maybe Twitter is the closest though it fails to compare in quite a few ways…

See you 'round the Internets!
we'll always have 11+hours of Lain... (Paris is too expensive)
I'd definitely like to meet you someday!
Very glad to have met you through LJ, however briefly.

Do let me know if you're ever in London again, it would be great to have more time to hang out.


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This can't have been a more perfect example of a reason to leave.
Dammit, just as I started reading LJ again! I come and go. Facebook does some of the things I used to use LJ for (keeping in touch with friends) and Twitter does others (syndication) but LJ is the only place I have for non-specific blogging, where I want to write about whatever takes my fancy and produce something that is more substantial than a status update but not a major article.


January 20 2011, 00:26:58 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  January 20 2011, 00:27:22 UTC

My first thought was "sorry to see you go" but I guess this is just another chapter in one's online persona, and reading your infrequent-but-enlightening thoughts in Google Reader won't be any different from reading them on LJ.

Hope all's well!
hey there stranger, long time no see!

Just saw the announcement for camlistore on HN, a little poking around and here we are. 11 years is a really long time -- i salute your decision to delete the past like that! It's probably the wise decision, given how everything is now available everywhere forever.

Could i seriously come visit you in San Francisco? I'll be heading out to the west coast to organize the 2011 US Go Congress, so it could happen if it wouldn't be too totally bizarre.

Keep in touch & go easy on yourself.
Doubtlessly the new LJ Games Center will lure you back!
I just saw this now -- my girlfriend was going through her LJ memories and discovered an entry I sent her at some point that she couldn't read anymore. Obviously, I don't use LJ anymore either. But I'm glad I "met" you through it (funny that your testing-my-GTK-client post is the one that's still up...) and sorry I never got to know you in RL.
I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

It's a pity that you closed you LJ... Wish you success with your website!